arts village at brigade orchards

Arts Village at Brigade Orchards


At Brigade Orchards, we’ve planned an Arts Village, envisioned to become a centre for art and the performing arts carrying the Indian and western culture to promote the activities inside the society.

Art is the proof that nothing is barren, everything comes with a price, we give you incentive rather. Time spent with art is worth spent. Brigade Orchards make sure that you don’t leave behind any of your inner artists back home.

The village will be a recoil for artists and for art lovers and will incorporate studios for artists and sculptors, a graphic studio, cafes, a library, open air theaters and large exhibition spaces.

Kids inculcate art right from the start; our art village creates a major platform for children to let themselves flow with colors.

We believe that everyone should save their brightest colors for their greyest days, rejoice and inspire your talent without wasting a penny.

The fact is no one loves to live a monotonous life of office and home, school and home, therefore coming home to such a culture could increase more family time. Pull up your socks and enhance your likes towards the best in you along with spending some leisure time with your family. Regular cultural events, dance programmes, talent hunt, treasure hunt, concerts and different events are organised regularly every month to keep the surrounding lively and vibrant. In short, we make sure there’s no room for boredom

Inspired and followed by the likes of arts villages in San Francisco and Chennai’s Cholamandalam, the centre promises to become a destination by itself – even while opening your family‘s minds to arts and crafts.

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