brigade orchards retirements homes

Retirement Homes at Brigade Orchards

The Retirement homes at Brigade Orchards are another addition to the long list of value-added developments happening as part of this magnificently sprouting township.

You don’t retire because you’ve lived your life. You retire because you now have to live your life.

So how old will you be when you retire? 55, 58 or 60? That’s still young!

So take the chance and count out everything on your bucket list starting from a majestic house of your own and enjoy it to the core. Paint the picture of that beautiful tree in your backyard. Read those books on a gloomy evening with a cup of tea. Learn a new language. Sit with someone on the porch who you’ve grown old with. Play a musical instrument with your neighbors’. Spend evenings catching up the news about last night’s game. Do it all under one roof and still feel contended about it.

What you don’t need is the hassle of looking after a house or running around to pay utility bills.

The Parkside Homes at Brigade Orchards have been designed for people who are retired but still enjoy the vivacity of life with equal exuberance and enigma. Careful attention to detail has gone into adding special features and providing facilities that give you the best mix of comfort and specialized care. Relish the vitality of a close-knit community. Engross yourself in activities and take delight and contentment in having people to run your chores, look after your security and worry over your medical care just because you should have the benefit yourself to the fullest in this time. After all, you’ve earned it. We believe in making you fall in love with your life, so when you feel you’ve done enough for others. We will do it for you.

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