Brigade Orchards Sports Arena

Sports Arena at Brigade Orchards

Sports and quick commutes all just a step away,

How can a kid say no to his wonder land?

Brigade Orchards encompasses a Sports arena which houses world class sporting academies conceptualized by Sporting Edge, a company promoted by Steve Waugh, the Australian cricketing legend

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”

Cliché, but truth.

Most kids spend a significant amount of their weekdays commuting to and from school, coaching’s, group studies and classes. At Brigade Orchards, nevertheless, the school* is only a considerable walk away.

Our sports arena include Badminton, lawn tennis, squash, basket ball, football, table tennis, billiards, swimming and so on.

Nearby, our sports arena has facilities for a range of sports and games with international standards of coaching and certified trainers, where your kids can work on their caliber and stamina simultaneously having equal fun and learning important lessons of teamwork and leadership.

Not only for kids, is the sports arena an added advantage, but also the residents can avail the benefits out of it every single day.

The busy work schedule leaves you no time for yourself. The sports arena would be open to use for all the inhabitants because to some leisure is sitting in the balcony with a cup of coffee and to some it’s diving inside the pool or breaking a sweat in the basket ball court. The Brigade Orchard cares for all the kinds. It also reduces the burden of sending out kids for sports coaching’s and can gain the benefit of it at any time of the day. We look forward for a fit and healthier living for individuals ensuring that their precious time is utilized productively and effectively. The skills and knowledge of the qualified trainers and coaches adds up the icing on the cake because a professional help along with your hard work always gives the fruitful results. The queries regarding it are always welcome.

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