The Extravaganza Of Orchards

Harley Davidson Roared into Brigade Orchards

When one class meets other, it becomes class apart.

18th Sep, 2013

‘Bangalore Pandhis’,

A Harley Davidson Owner’s Group, visited Brigade Orchards on 3 March. Around 60 Harley-Davidson bike owners, with their companions, spent a couple of hours at Brigade Orchards. They went around the model villas had their time and were very appreciative of the surroundings and ambience.

Steve Waugh’s World-Class Sports Academy @ Brigade Orchards

18th Sep, 2013

Steve Waugh’s company, Sporting Edge, will be creating a world-class sports academy at the upcoming Brigade Orchards, a 130+ acre development located in Devanahalli, Bangalore. Sporting Edge will bring sport- and leisure-related activities to the residential township, offering world-class coaching enhancing the Sports Arena already available for the residents.

The inhabitants can utilize the special amenities offered by us anytime and avail all the benefits awarded with it.

The Brigade Orchards will be updated with all the happening around in Bangalore and regular visit of various celebrities.

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