Brigade Orchards Villas

Villas at Brigade Orchards – The Place you can’t get Enough Of

Keeping in mind the sole prospect of comfort and belongingness, the Pavilion Villas at Brigade Orchards have been designed around trees. We believe in green. The majestic villas not only are on the heart of the nature but also flow smoothly into airy spaces that draw in light. The 24*7 surveillance secures total security and the synchronized traffic screen you off from the haywire of normal crowd. The living experience would be that of yesteryears except for the improvised modernized amenities and ease. It has been truly said that a home is where your heart lies, because in Brigade Orchards your villa will be a part of your very existence soothing your lifestyle.

The Villas give you a better feel than that of a five star décor, where else you’d rather spend your Saturday evening having a candle light dinner or Sunday brunch and a barbeque on your backyard along with the pool party feeling home under gracious greenery with your family and friends. 4 -bedroom villas starting from Rs 3.6 Cr onwards.

The Villas Vary from

  • Chrysanthemum villas
  • Carnation villas
  • Tulip villas

The Chrysanthemum Villa

The Chrysanthemum Villa squashes around a central tree, with a courtyard in between its two arms mesmerizing the view of the inhabitant.
Sloping roofs add old world charm giving a vibrant 90’s look to your villa giving a feel good experience to your daily schedule.
Villa Area: 4910 sq. ft.

The Carnation Villa

The Carnation Villa fulfills the utmost luxurious desires with the top class amenities. Full furnished. The place you live in has a huge impact on how you live on, the carnation villa explicitly surrounds you with the positive and energetic vibes which will ensure your endurance and enthuse.
Villa area: 4900 square feet.

Tulip Villas

The Tulip Villa is designed under the gloominess of a tree. Its linear design adds to its glossy, modern feel. The different shades of light will make your day even brighter than it ever was.
Villa Area: 4900 square feet

The idea of Villas has always been the limelight to enhance panache of the person residing. We are sure you needn’t let people know about the status. The villa will speak for itself.

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