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12 Reasons to buy Orchards
  • Present City:The city is in developing at a fast pace. The availability of inventories from 2 bed residences to villas are giving wide variants to the customers. The city thrive on sustainability so that your home is ready for the future as well.
  • Business Opportunities:The city is having its own business offices which will encourage walk to work concept. Also, its vicinity is near the airport in Bangalore which will further improve the business opportunities.
  • Education Facilities: The city has school for the children so that they spend minimum time while commuting to the school & maximum time learning & enjoying new things
  • Sports and Physical Fitness:The city has infrastructure for all the sports amenities like cricket, soccer, tennis, athletic & swimming.
  • Leisure:The city is having a signature club of 8000 Sq Mt which will in lines of 5 star hotels. This resort will have 45 spellbinding executive & suite rooms to meet needs of varied segments of travellers.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare centre is in the city which will allow residents to avail professional treatment.In case of sudden, unforeseen emergency, the services are just drive away.
  • Security: The city have smart car facilities to utilize facilities in the city. The security system is of high standards. CCTV are installed to check on any mishappening.
  • Transportation: A special emphasis is given to the efficient transport system, to encourage healthy environment the use of bicycle & electric vehicle are appreciated.
  • City Planning: The city is planned according to the needs of the customer. The location is strategically & well planned.
  • Smart Technology :The technology used in the city is of highstandards. Modern technology like wifi, fibre to home, smart card are all implemented in this mega city.
  • City Sustainability:Efficiency goes hand in hand with sustainability – a salient feature of Orchards, be it through treatment of water and sewage, use of renewable energy or an eco-friendly transport service. Orchards already has 24x7 water and electricity while nearby areas continue to see shortage especially during peak summer months. Sustainability plays an important role in township like Palava.
  • Smart City:A city can be defined as ‘smart’ when investments in human and social capital and traditional (transport) and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory action and engagement. The smart city concept essentially means efficiency.
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